Real Estate Transfers ~ May 20, 2022

June 10, 2022

Please join us in bidding adieu to the sellers and welcoming Bedford’s newest residents.

235 Great Road, an 8 room Antique on 0.47 acres, built in 1760:
Sold by Puffer FT and Jane Puffer on 05/02/22 to Robert and Nicole Lapre for $672,500.

343 South Road, an 8 room Colonial on 0.57 acres, built in 2012:
Sold by Runar and Jaclyn Olsen on 05/02/22 to Menghan Jin and Kevin Phuong for $1,500,000.

5 Crestview Road, a 9 room Colonial on 0.92 acres, built in 1994:
Sold by Arlene Manzelli 2003 RET and Jayna Mazelli on 05/06/22 to Joseph and Febrianty Manna for $1,918,000.

158 Concord Road, a Residence with multiple buildings on 0.90 acres:
Sold by Collins Brian F Est and Marilynne Decruccio on 05/09/22 to Scott Rossi for $900,000.

26 Roberts Drive #C, a 3 room Condominium/Apartment, built in 1953:
Sold by Joseph Mitchell and Hong Zhu on 05/11/22 to Kevin Degaridel for $290,000.

23 Cot Hill Road, a 9 room Colonial on 0.95 acres, built in 1978:
Sold by David and Shannon Gilbertson on 05/13/22 to Smriti and Prashanta Shrestha for $1,290,000.

1306 Albion Road #1306, a 5 room Condominium/Apartment, built in 2006:
Sold by Susan Limoncelli and Carol Shaughnessey on 05/13/22 to Pow LT and Tony Pow for $615,000.

272 South Road #272, a 5 room Condominium/Duplex, built in 1956:
Sold by TTG Investments LLC on 05/13/22 to Matthew Burd and Anna Smiechowski for $440,000.

58 Neillian Way #58, a 5 room Condominium/Duplex on 0.32 acres, built in 1956:
Sold by Xiaoxi Liu and Yue Jiao on 05/13/22 to Franklin Jose for $459,000.

37 Pine Street, a 7 room Cape Cod on 0.27 acres, built in 1952:
Sold by Todd and Merissa Bresler on 05/16/22 to Dmitry Rodionov for $821,000.

4 Birchwood Drive, an 8 room Garrison on 1.11 acres, built in 1964:
Sold by Birchwood Management LLC on 05/17/22 to Chuxin Xiao and Xiaozang Li for $1,360,000.

6 Donovan Drive, a 10 room Cape Cod on 1.03 acres, built in 1996:
Sold by Paul Gauthier on 05/18/22 to Adria Chamberlain and David Goldstein for $2,003,000.

7 Perham Street, an 8 room Colonial on 0.23 acres, built in 2021:
Sold by GGC RT and Gregory Gardner on 05/18/22 to Xiao Jiang and Wenying Quan for $1,720,000.

2 Willard Circle, an 8 room Garrison on 0.92 acres, built in 1965:
Sold by Mary Baugham on 05/19/22 to Cheng-Ying Wu and Hsin Chen for $1,090,000.

5 Stephen Lane Drive #5, a 6 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 2006:
Sold by Thomas Walsh on 05/20/22 to Pinar and Bulent Aksoy for $799,900.

The Bedford Citizen posts real estate transfers through an agreement with The Warren Group.

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