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We at The Bedford Citizen thank those who generously supported The Citizen during the first quarter of 2022.

Our donors and readers are at the core of everything we do, and their generous support helps us fulfill The Citizen’s mission of informing and engaging the Bedford community!

If you would like to support The Bedford Citizen and have not yet had the opportunity, please consider taking part in our Spring Appeal.

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Gifts from January 1 through March 31, 2022

Donors: American Legion Auxiliary Post 221, Karin Baker, Jane Blasi, Nini Bloch, David Boschetto, Michael Burns, Marcia Bushnell, Erin Campbell, Angelo and Gabriele Colao, Pat Cooperstein, Patricia Costello, Marilyn Cronin, Delton Davison, Zina Deldar, Lyn Dohaney, Bruce Fountain-Stalker, Carolyn Frost, Lloyd Gottlieb, Deborah Griffin, Kathleen Hamel, Marc Hamilton, Donald Heyda, Christopher Lennon, Alan MacRobert and Abby Hafer, Bopha Malone, Susana Marin, Meighan Matthews, Lois and Brown Pulliam, Ellen Jane Scheiner, Mark Sedran, Jeannette Sheahan, John Shutkin, Doris Smith, Mary Jane and Paul St. Amour, Jun Suzuki, Allan Tate,  Joan Turnberg and Joel Parks, Norma Warner, Janice and Peter Weichman, Paul Wheaton, Karen Willson, Yano Family, Matching Gifts (4)

Sustaining Donors: Barbara Allan, Christine Anderson, Kathleen Aubrey, Dot Bergin, Sandra Blake, Dan and Renu Bostwick, David and Anne Caron, Catherine Chambers, Leon and Aline Cierpial, Elizabeth Cowles, Ginny Crocker, Matthew Derman, Kate Desjardins, Birgit DeWeerd, Robert and Sarah Dorer, Bobbie and Lou Ennis, George Epple, Mitch and Steven Evans, Kelly Giaquinto, Joanne Glover, Irene and Sam Gravina, Karen Guetersloh, John Guilfoil, Hacala Family, Audra Hamilton, John and Susan Harris, Matt Heid, Claire Higson, Jennifer and Dan Hurwitz, Christine Johnston, Gene Kalb and Linda Pollitz, Daniel Kennedy, Sheila Kojm and Louis Stuhl, Barbara Kupfrian, Donald James Marshall, Mascoli Family, Meredith McCulloch, Katie McGrath, Teri and Steven Morrow, Sarita and Sanjeev Pillai, Ken Pruyn, Lalitha Ranganath, Katherine Register, Carol and Marty Rogers, James Rogers, Mike and Dawn Rosenberg, Marie Ryder, Craig Sandler, Jan Shepard and Judy Eggleston, Joseph Siegel, Dan Smythe, Moriah Tumbleson-Shaw, Alison Weaver, Paul and Leslie Wittman, Elena Zorn, Anonymous

The Citizen is enormously grateful to our donors, who bring you the news day in and out.  If you are not a monthly (sustaining) donor, please consider becoming one!

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