Letter to the Editor: Regarding Shawn Hanegan, Candidate for Select Board

~ Submitted by Bob Bass

I am happy to write a letter of support for Shawn Hanegan, who is a candidate for the Bedford Select Board.

There are two things about Shawn Hanegan that I think make him very well qualified to be a member of the Select Board: his experience and his personal characteristics regarding the way he interacts with others:

Through his experience as a member and current Chair of Bedford’s Planning Board, Shawn has had the opportunity to think about Bedford’s future from a number of points of view.  He has served as Planning Board liaison to the Housing Partnership and Community Preservation Committees. Through that work, he has come to know a great deal about Bedford’s housing needs.  Additionally, as liaison to the Transportation Advisory Committee, he has learned the ways that people in Bedford get around, and how to support and expand options so that there are more choices, besides automobiles, that residents can make.  His years of experience as a board/committee member have given him the skills he needs to work successfully as a Select Board member.

Besides his experience, Shawn brings three important personal characteristics to his candidacy that I see as essential for a Select Board member: 1) he is always ready to listen to what others say;  2) he doesn’t presume to know all there is to know; and 3) he engages with others to work through problems.

Finally, Shawn is passionate about the things he cares about.  He does not let a priority go just because his efforts weren’t successful the first time.  Instead, he goes back to his drawing board with new information, he does more study and research, and he comes back to the table better prepared.

I think his experience and his character make Shawn an ideal candidate for Bedford’s Select Board, and I hope you will join me in voting for him on March 12.

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