Letter to the Editor: Regarding Shawn Hanegan, Candidate for Select Board

~ Submitted by Gyasi Burks-Abbott

I share Shawn’s passion for public service and faith in government’s capacity to improve people’s lives. I also believe in his vision of a Bedford adapting to a rapidly changing future while maintaining its inclusive and welcoming character. Having served on the Transportation and Conservation Committees as well as the Housing Partnership and Planning Board, Shawn has already immersed himself in the workings of town government. He would bring invaluable experience to the Select Board.

As someone who has advocated for legislation on the state and federal level, I’ve gotten to sample some of what goes into making good policy: public-mindedness, willingness to work with others, knowledge about possible solutions, and ability to follow through. Shawn combined all this in his involvement with the 2019 Bedford Housing Study. As a representative of the Planning Board, Shawn was part of the group that solicited public feedback and learned about the problem high housing prices posed for senior citizens and young professionals. Shawn was also part of the solution when he helped change zoning laws to create an assisted living district and a mixed-use zoning area to accommodate moderate-income housing.

As a systems engineer, Shawn is an expert in the management of multiple moving parts. But he also sees the human element. At MIT, Shawn was a member of the rowing team where he experienced firsthand the importance of people acting in synch to maintain a rhythm. In his job developing patient monitoring devices at Draeger Medical, Shawn characterizes much of his work as talking to people and addressing their concerns. Indeed, Shawn understands that the soundness of any system is dependent on the people who populate it.

I hope you join me in voting for Shawn Hanegan at the town election on March 12th. I’m confident that with Shawn on the Select Board Bedford’s forward momentum will be smoother sailing even when waters get choppy.

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