Bedford’s 2022 Election ~ Reading the Candidate’s Campaign Finance Reports

The frugality and reach of web-based campaign strategies do not tell the entire tale of Bedford’s 2022 election. Campaign finance reports due on March 7 offer a different perspective and may set records for total receipts and expenditures.

Candidates in contested races reported receipts of $24,238.35 through the February 22 filing deadline. Receipts include income from fundraising and personal loans to campaigns. While the total seems high, no extraordinary gifts were listed, but rather individual donations between $50 and $500; donations below $50 are accounted for in the aggregate, not individually listed. Several candidates loaned funds to their campaign committees; these loans are listed under Schedule D Liabilities.

Expenditures of $16,309.10 paid for signage, web services, mailing expenses. A small amount, $1,569, came from in-kind services.

According to their reports, candidates running for uncontested seats expended no funds.

Click this link to see a scalable Campaign Finance Tally

To Read the Full Campaign Finance Report Detail

Town Clerk Bridget Rodrigue scanned and posted the candidate finance forms to the Elections tab on the Town Clerk’s webpage.

Click, then click on the attachment to bring up the 91-page report with information for all the candidates in alphabetical order.

The horizontal pages are submitted by candidates who have no political committee, received no contributions, spent no money, and incurred no obligations during the reporting period.

Some candidates turned in form CPF M101, a statement of organization for their political committees. Most of these were time-stamped by the Town Clerk in late December.

Each of the candidates in contested races submitted Form CPF M 102: Campaign Finance Report, time-stamped in March 2022; it is the report for receipts and expenditures from January 1 through February 22, 2022. Each has a cover page showing the totals from the supplementary sheets that follow:

  • Schedule A: Receipts
  • Schedule B: Expenditures
  • Schedule C: “In-Kind’ Contributions
  • Schedule D: Liabilities
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