Letter to the Editor: Regarding Shawn Hanegan, Candidate for Select Board

~ Submitted by Renu Bostwick

During election season, I’m often concerned that what I read on candidates’ webpages might merely be hype to get elected. But I don’t have to worry about that with Shawn Hanegan who, along with Emily Mitchell, will wholeheartedly get one of my votes for Select Board member. Shawn has already served us well for many years. We will be lucky residents indeed to have his steady, forward-thinking and kind leadership on the Select Board!

Steady & Knowledgeable: Shawn Hanegan has quietly been serving our Town since 2012, since soon after he moved to Bedford. He’s been elected three times to our Planning Board, has served on the Transportation Advisory Committee, the Community Preservation Committee, and the Housing Partnership. In my interactions with him, he’s been fully knowledgeable, well-prepared about topics, and has thought thoroughly through issues. Having talked with Shawn many times about climate change, he demonstrates that he understands the important choices ahead for governments and people in order to preserve a livable climate for future generations.

Forward-Thinking: Shawn Hanegan’s Planning Board and Transportation Advisory Committee work has shown me how he thinks about the future of Bedford. He values sustainability measures (evidenced by walkability and bikeability design standards for Great Road zoning) but also understands how to mesh that with smart economic development for a stable Bedford. As Bedford will have to grapple with how to get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 as dictated by both climate science and by state law, I am confident that Shawn will help position Bedford well with stepping stones of change to get us there.

Kind & Inclusive: Shawn Hanegan has shown me how respectful he is of all people and viewpoints, clearly articulating any differing opinions without ever putting anyone down. He listens carefully and looks for the different sides of all issues. He clearly articulates why he makes the decisions he does, helping others to not only know what he values but also to help us all think about the issues in a broader way. His kind nature goes a long way in easing tensions and bringing people along to new viewpoints.

The care and time he gives to all Bedford issues shows me by his actions, with no hype or fanfare, how Shawn’s steady, knowledgeable, and kind leadership would benefit Bedford greatly. I urge you to join me in voting for Shawn Hanegan for Select Board on March 12th!

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