Letter to the Editor: Regarding Bea Brunkhorst, Candidate for Board of Health

~ Submitted by Astrid Kruse

Bea Brunkhorst has done an excellent job serving on the Board of Health and I sincerely hope she will be re-elected. Dr. Brunkhorst [Ph.D. in biochemistry) is clear-headed, knowledgable, and rational, and is able to look at the big picture in making decisions. Her professional background as a biosafety officer makes her the kind of candidate that brings value, experience, and deep comprehension to this position at this critical juncture.

Based on her statements and voting record, I believe that she truly lives up to the Bedford Board of Health’s values: “Maintaining a balance between short-term benefit(s) to human life vs. long-term risk. Decision making priority is given to town/community needs versus individual needs.” I trust her to continue making these important public health decisions for our community objectively, based on evidence-based research.

Please vote on Saturday, March 12. You can learn more about Dr. Brunkhorst on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/beabrunkhorstboardofhealth


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