What Are You Waiting For? Report for The Bedford Citizen in 2022

~ Submitted by Ginni Spencer, Co-president, The Bedford Citizen

We’re three weeks into our New Year’s Resolutions…and, well…how’s that going for you?

Are you still in the “I’ve got to write down some goals for the year” stage?  If one of your ideas for a more enriching 2022 is to enhance your connection with the Bedford community and sharpen up your writing skills—what are you waiting for?  Forget making a list (let’s be honest, it’s a form of procrastination) and just get to it.  The Bedford Citizen needs you right now.

Hopefully, you are already a subscriber to The Bedford Citizen (remember, it’s free and online, just go to www.thebedfordcitizen.org and sign up).  We’ll provide all the support you need—guidance on how best to summarize a meeting; context for issues that may require understanding some prior history; even copy editing—spelling and grammar does not have to be your strong suit as long as your facts are accurate and complete, and your writing is clear.

And did I mention The Citizen will pay you per article for regular coverage of meetings of Select Board, School Committee, Finance Committee, and Planning Board?

Psychologists say that annual resolutions tend to fail because of a combination of setting a vague goal in an unrealistic manner, a lack of strategy for how to succeed in incremental steps, the absence of the support of others who can help you get there, and no clearly identified pay-off.

We’ve got this!

  • Specific goal: Attend meetings of a town board or committee regularly (typically weekly, and right now on Zoom) and write an article on the proceedings.
  • Strategy: Contact [email protected] for an interview. We will require a short writing sample.
  • Others to help you get there: Enjoy the support of editorial staff and other colleagues.
  • Pay-off: Your enhanced understanding of local decision making, making new connections, writing experience, a byline, some extra money.

So again—what are you waiting for?  It’s a new year with new possibilities!

Yes, I know, Covid is awful and saps the juice out of everything but taking on a new challenge goes a long way to combatting pandemic fatigue. And, the meetings are live-streamed, no need to go out on a frigid night.

We look forward to meeting you!

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