Protocol Updates for Tuesday’s In-Person Town Caucus

As scheduled, Bedford’s Town Caucus will meet on Tuesday, January 4, at 7 p.m. with multiple adjustments made in the name of Covid safety.

What Are the Adjustments?

There will be no nominating speeches, and all candidate speeches will be limited to two (2) minutes. Candidate speakers will be given a one-minute and a 15-second-remaining warning, and a bell will ring when the two minutes are up.  The Bedford Citizen will publish all candidates’ prepared remarks along with undelivered nominating speeches in MS Word or Google Doc format sent to [email protected] by 9 a.m. on Wednesday, January 5.

Per order of the Bedford Board of Health, face coverings are required for everyone attending the Caucus, except where an individual is unable due to a medical condition or disability. There will be extra masks available at check-in, along with hand sanitizer.

Per CDC guidelines and industry best practices, the Bedford Facilities Department has implemented enhanced ventilation in all school and town buildings, including high-efficiency filters and longer hours of operation for all HVAC equipment. [The outside door in the Reed Room will be open for enhanced air circulation.]

While adjustments have been made in the name of Covid safety, Tuesday’s Caucus Rules will comply with MGL C. 53 Section 121. The Caucus quorum is twenty-five (25) registered voters; registered voters will be seated separately from non-voters.

Why Hold a Caucus this Year?

Bedford’s Town Charter requires that the Town hold an in-person Town Caucus each January. Thanks to legislative relief and a declared State of Emergency in 2021, the Town was able to cancel the Caucus. The Town was unable to cancel this year’s meeting.

Remote participation is not a legally available option for the Town Caucus.

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