Ask Aunt Laura – Extra Special Gift Ideas

November 16, 2021

After recently giving our home a thorough purging, I realized just how much ‘stuff’ I had and certainly didn’t need. Which got me thinking about the up-coming Holidays and what would I really want for Christmas this year and what would I like to give.

Yes, it is easy and convenient to purchase gifts online or get all the shopping done at once at the mall—nothing wrong with that! But maybe this is the year to really start putting thought and meaning behind gift-giving.

Maybe it’s as simple as making homemade dog treats for your dog-loving friends or giving the gift of an experience such as tickets to a play, comedy show, or a night on the town.

This is where I need your help! Send your creative and ‘out-of-the-box ideas to [email protected] and I’ll start sharing them after Thanksgiving.

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Happy Holidays everyone!



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