Planning Board Gets First Notice of Potential Carlisle Road Development

July 30, 2021

The Planning Board this week held a preliminary discussion about a significant residential development in the area of Carlisle Road, with a range of possibilities.

Brian DeVellis, the local land use planner and attorney, presented ideas to develop a variety of housing on 49 acres of land, of which he said he is “in control” after several years of negotiations.

Although he said he can move forward with nine lots by right, all with frontage on Carlisle Road, DeVellis indicated he is eager to work with town officials “to determine what are the better opportunities.” He referred to several alternatives spelled out in the 2019 housing study, including rental.

The 49 acres are split into two separated lots, with the larger comprising 35 acres, adjacent to conservation land to the northwest. The remaining 14 acres are contiguous to Northside Convenience.

Planning Board Member Chris Gittins, a former conservation commissioner, pointed out environmental concerns for some of the parcels. Much of the land is wooded and some of it is fairly swampy.

Gittins also highlighted the need to work with the Conservation Commission in order to protect the wetlands. DeVellis restated that this is only a preliminary discussion and that he would be willing to discuss the matter with all relevant committees and groups in town.

Board Member Amy Lloyd commented that she is interested in seeing creative ideas, based on the housing study, that would bring more affordable and energy-efficient housing to Bedford. She also stated the importance of moving away from larger homes.

Board Member Steve Hagan said the two lots could be developed separately, with different forms of housing being built on each.

DeVellis said he intends to submit an Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) plan next week. This confirms the delineation of a bordering vegetated wetland. He also plans to submit an Approval Not Required (ANR) form, which covers any plans to build by right.

If rezoning or other town meeting actions are required, DeVellis said he hopes to put forth a proposal for the property at the 2022 annual town meeting.

Over the past three decades, the DeVellis Group has been active in the town, including the Edge Sports Center on Hartwell Road and single-family residences, including Sweeney Ridge Road and Hosmer Way.

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