Letter to the Editor: Kudos and Thanks to Bedford First Responders

June 3, 2021

Submitted by Marge Heckman

This is a much belated note of thanks to our incredible Bedford First Responders.  In the early morning hours of March 15th, my husband Norm suffered a heart attack resulting in what we learned later was sudden cardiac death.  Our dog had awakened me a few minutes earlier, so I was awake and heard a strange gasp from Norm.  He was unresponsive when I called 911.  The first police officer was on the scene in mere minutes and additional officers and the Advanced Life Support team arrived very quickly after that.  Thanks to their incredible efforts and the timely response, they were able to revive Norm and he was taken to Lahey Hospital Five stents and nine days later, Norm was able to return home and continues to do well in his recovery.

There are no words to fully express my family’s gratitude to all who had a part in giving Norm back to us and supporting my daughter and myself that night.  We are so lucky to live in a town with an advanced life support unit and such dedicated professionals.

Special thanks to all who were part of the response team that night (I hope I have all the correct names and spellings):
Police officers:  Mike Reed, Mark Levine and Mark Barbieri
Fire Department members:  Lt. Michael Bauman, Dana Park, Matt Bousa, Pat Stewart and Chris Gonsalves,

With deepest gratitude.

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