Put me in, Coach ~ Annual Town Meeting and Baseball

Bedford’s Minuteman company posted the colors to begin Annual Town Meeting 2013 Image (c) Bob Bass, 2013 all rights reserved

At a recent editorial meeting to discuss The Citizen’s upcoming  Annual Town Meeting coverage, Mike Rosenberg, a former Selectman, told a story about a Cub Scout troop that attended Town Meeting.  Mike was in the lobby chatting with people when one of the cub scouts burst through the doors, eyed Mike and said, “This is sooo boring!”  

Mike’s story reminded me of the time we had a visitor from France. My dad, a big Red Sox fan, thought it would be a treat to take our visitor to see his first American baseball game in person. Unfortunately, the guest was bored silly. It’s likely his boredom was rooted in the fact he understood nothing about baseball or what was transpiring on the field. 

An argument could be made that the Cub Scout suffered from that same degree of boredom. And in reality, neither baseball nor Town Meeting has to be boring…once you know what’s behind it.

Bedford has always had a reputation of being really well run, and Town Meeting is vitally important. Town Meeting is where you get your chance to have a voice in how Bedford is managed.

Going back to the baseball analogy, it’s your chance to play GM and vote on how the game is played. (And in terms of people watching, you could do worse!)  

At The Bedford Citizen, we cover what’s going to happen at Town Meeting: the Warrant Articles, the budget, and a whole lot more. There also is a great Guide put out in 2012,  “A Guide to Bedford’s Open Town Meeting.”

So get in the game! Have your voice heard!

And in the meantime, check out some additional resources.

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