Letter to the Editor: Urging Support of 100% Clean Act (HD3551)

April 17, 2021

Submitted by Nora McClellan

This beautiful planet is the most precious and undeserved gift ever given to humanity. This is why it pains me to see how recklessly we humans abuse the earth. That needs to stop. Protecting the planet is a reasonable rent to pay for living on it.

One action Massachusetts citizens could take is signing the 100% Clean Act HD. 3551 into action this legislative session. This bill commits to switching our state to clean, renewable energy sources by the year 2035. This transition will eliminate the use of dirty fossil fuels in our state, which we need to rethink. The burning of fossil fuels traps heat in the atmosphere through the greenhouse effect. This warming of the earth leads to melting ice caps, rising sea levels, natural disasters, and numerous other consequences for the global climate. Solar and wind energy take advantage of resources that are far more accessible and abundant than the oil buried beneath the earth.

By taking legislative action to move our state towards environmental sustainability, we are moving towards a safer future for our home. I believe that we are called to be more than residents of the earth. We must be

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