Letter To The Editor: Supporting Dan Brosgol For School Committee

February 18, 2021

Submitted by Lauren Dorn-Jones

Six years ago I wrote a letter to The Bedford Citizen supporting Dan Brosgol in his first campaign for School Committee; Dan subsequently won that election and has served capably on the committee for two full terms. I now write again to ask you to join me in voting for him again this March.

The reasons, for those of us who know Dan, or have watched him over his time on the School Committee, are as clear today as they were back then, but are even more pronounced given his leadership of the committee since last summer.

In many cities and towns across the Commonwealth, debates, and disagreements on the reopening of schools have played out publicly this year. School Committees have been embroiled in bitter disputes with superintendents, teachers’ unions, and parents, as society has grappled with how to re-open schools safely during a pandemic. Look no further than some of our surrounding towns to see districts that have submitted plans and then had to retract them, schools that have pivoted to full-remote learning multiple times and with little or no notice to families, towns where high school students just went back into buildings for the first time, and yes, even some towns where children have still not stepped foot into their buildings this year.

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But not in Bedford.

Here, our community has been able to work together to open all of our schools for all children in the fall in the hybrid model, to operate a first-rate remote option for families that desire one, and to continue to bring back more children into our buildings for four-day-per-week learning throughout the year. An ongoing phased re-opening process will continue next month with a four-day K-2 return at the Davis School and perhaps more in-person learning at the Lane School is in store as well for early Spring. This process has been collaborative, transparent, patient, and deliberate, thanks in no small part to Dan’s, and the Committee’s commitment to a public process that takes into account the opinions of all stakeholders.

If you have reached out to the School Committee with a concern or a question, or to share your opinion, odds are that Dan has emailed you back to make time for a phone conversation, or penned a long email to answer your questions honestly and transparently. No elected official, I’m sure, has spent more time engaging with the community this year than Dan.

In watching the School Committee this year, you have seen Dan run the meetings with a calm, yet jovial, demeanor, despite the incredible weight of the matters under deliberation. He encourages public comment and participation, does not cut short committee discussion or debate, even when meetings stretch long into the night, will never hesitate to ask a difficult question, and will always acknowledge the complexities of the issues that the Committee is asked to take action on. He does so with humility, empathy, and with a great appreciation of the responsibility that he and his fellow members bear for our children’s education and safety.

Dan’s leadership on the School Committee comes as no surprise to those of us that know him. Dan is a tireless advocate for the children of Bedford, an outstanding listener and communicator, and someone who is always willing to volunteer his time for the community. Dan’s work on the School Committee and the superintendent search committee, his years of managing and coaching for Bedford Babe Ruth, and his service on the Bedford TV board of directors are just some of the ways that he gives back to our town. He is also a loving husband and father, a good friend, and a person who will always say “yes” when asked for help.

In a year when School Committees and School Boards all over the country have been busier than ever and caught in the middle of an incredibly complicated reopening question, elected officials on those boards have been frequent targets of anger, resentment, and challenges to their incumbency. The fact that Dan will be running unopposed reflects what I believe that most people feel about him—that his leadership this year has been exceptional and that Bedford both appreciates his service and feels like our schools are in good hands.

Please join me on March 13 in voting for Dan Brosgol for another three-year term.


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