How Many People in Bedford Have Been Personally Affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic New Poll

January 19, 2021

As of Jan. 19 there were close to 24 million cases of Covid-19 reported in the country with close to 400,000 deaths.  There are some estimates that the actual number may be as much as six times that.  In Massachusetts, there were more than 450,000 cases with over 13,000 deaths reported.  Just in Bedford itself, we have had 675 cases with 52 deaths reported.  All these are really scary numbers, but for the most part, they’re abstract.  There is nothing that makes a crisis real to people more than when it affects a person personally.  

We’re curious as to how many people have personally been affected by Covid-19.  For this poll, we’re not asking about economic or other hardships.  We’re just asking if you personally know people who have contracted the disease.

Click this link to participate: POLL – January 19, 2021

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January 20, 2021 7:50 am

A question…the author of this piece wrote, “As of Jan. 19 there were close to 24 million cases of Covid-19 reported in the country with close to 400,000 deaths. The actual number may be as much as six times that”. What is the source of the author’s claim that the actual number of Covid-19 related deaths in our country may be 2.4 million? That number would account for almost all deaths in a year’s time in the US. It doesn’t seem accurate, so just wondering the source information – thanks.

January 23, 2021 9:01 am
Reply to  Gene Kalb

Thank you for the clarification and your source material. But in your reply to me here, you’ve made another statement without sourcing – “the number of deaths are most likely undercounted as well”. “Most likely” according to who? I would argue that the number of death is more likely to be an inflated number, not an undercounted one. Many news outlets have reported that throughout this pandemic, there are many questions surrounding deaths being attributed to Covid. In some areas, if a person dies and has been diagnosed with Covid, they are considered a Covid death, when in reality, they had a heart attack, or some other factor that was actually the cause of death. “Most likely” seems an irresponsible assertion to me, especially without sources. Thank you for listening and for your work in our community. Blessings to you.

Judith F Babcock
January 19, 2021 9:37 pm

My nephews wife is a physician on Riker’s Island and caught it from patients she treated there. She gave it to her husband and child. They all recovered.

I, also, chatted with the butcher at Stop & Shop in Bedford, who told me he had been out for about a month with Covid-19, hospitalized and very sick for part of it.

I know a woman in Bedford well whose son and daughter-in-law, who live on the same property both had it. I’ve met them but don’t really know them.

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