Announcing ‘A Moment in Time: College Life in the Time of the Pandemic’ ~ A New Series

November 20, 2020

A few years back The Bedford Citizen initiated a special column for student writers from Bedford High School and Shawsheen Valley Technical High School.  We invited students who wished to write their opinions or describe their experiences and perspectives to submit essays to us for publication under the banner “Student Voices @ The Bedford Citizen.”

Since then, a dozen or more students have written diverse articles running the gamut from their charitable involvements to their views on gun control, hate speech to their thoughts on growing up in a small town.  Reader response has been positive and The Citizen is proud to continue to provide these young people a place to make their voices heard.

As time has gone by, some of our high school contributors have graduated and gone off to college.  The first of these, Brooke Shamon, BHS Class of 2019, wrote a series of pieces on her experiences as a high school senior; they began with her applications to college, and included her first impressions as a college freshman in September, 2019.  When Covid-19 hit in the spring, she shared a vivid account of abruptly leaving school and new friends to return home. Click to read Freshman, Ending: Closed Without Closure.

Obviously, Brooke is not alone.  This fall many Bedford kids who thought they’d be leaving for college stayed home to study remotely, deferred their plans for a semester or even an entire year, or went to campus uncertain if they would be able to stay or what staying on campus would even look like in this unusual time.  

The Citizen has invited four college students who wrote under the Student Voices banner to reflect on their changed plans and lives in a four-part series titled A Moment in Time: College Life in the Time of the Pandemic, beginning on Tuesday, November 24.   Each story is unique but in each, we hear courage, flexibility, and resilience; a continued emphasis on the positive.

We hope you will read each one – they are worth it.

Ginni Spencer is a member of The Bedford Citizen’s Board of Directors.


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