Letter to the Editor: Supporting Kevin O’Connor, Opposing Question 2

October 24, 2020

Submitted by John Stella

I support  Kevin  O’Connor for US Senate to represent Massachusetts.

He supports law enforcement  ( law and order )  to protect our safe communities and oppose defund the police department.

He supports term limits pledge to serve no more than 2 terms in public office.

He supports election reforms that must be preserved that ensure every vote counts.

Mr.  O’ Connor will support  Hanscom AFB  and defense contractors in staying open for years to come, to protect our local,  state, and regional economies.

Please join me and vote for  Kevin  O’Connor for US Senate on Nov.  3rd.

I oppose  Question  # 2   ranked-choice voting.  We must preserve our  US Constitution, and our state constitution is rooted in the principle of one person,  one vote.  That constitution requires that for public offices,  the candidate who receives the  “highest number of votes ”  is the winner of an election.    Please save our constitution.

Please join me and vote  No on Question  # 2 so that we can preserve the principle of one person, one vote person on Nov.  3rd.

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