Another Casualty of the Pandemic: No Special Town Meeting this Autumn

September 24, 2020


In a conversation with Select Board chair Ed Pierce on September 22, he confirmed that there is no current plan to hold a Special Town Meeting this fall.  He reiterated that a Special Town Meeting will not be scheduled unless there is an urgent need such as additional funding for the schools.

Typically, Bedford holds its Annual Town Meeting in late March and a Special Town Meeting in October or November.

The 2020 Annual Town Meeting, originally scheduled for March 23, was postponed until July 11 to provide a safer environment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting was held outside at Sabourin Field on a sunny Saturday morning after careful planning, including a requirement for masks and social distancing.

In spite of the hot sun, 212 voters gathered as Town Moderator Cathy Cordes called for votes on 38 articles, many of them indefinitely postponed, with only the most crucial articles voted that day.

Currently, there is no plan for holding a Town Meeting during the cold weather.

The Select Board voted to recommend indefinite postponement of several articles, in part due to uncertainty about the town’s financial situation during the pandemic. Several were major capital items such as upgrades to the library and police HVAC systems and the first steps for locating a new fire station.  These projects are among those still on hold awaiting Town Meeting action.

Click this link to read the original Warrant for Annual Town Meeting 2020 and learn about the articles on hold.

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