The Honorable Kenneth Gordon, Bedford’s State Representative writes to the Class of 2020


If we lived in a Marvel Universe this would be a good time for a superhero or superheroine to recall a magic ingredient that would destroy Covid-19 and free humankind from this virus. The hero would zoom in seconds to a distant mountain to collect the magic essence and share it with every nation. BHS could celebrate your graduation with every tradition intact. Sadly, there is no such superhero or magic ingredient and no superpower to change where we are now. However, each of you has acquired or soon will acquire a special power that you can use for good – the power of the vote. That may not sound like a great power, but multiply it by the 196 members of your graduating class or even more by the 69,373 seniors across Massachusetts and it becomes a Force. 

As the class of 2020 upon turning 18, you will be able to vote in the Presidential Primary, for U.S. Congress, for Massachusetts Senate and Representative, even at Town Meeting. Your voting muscle will be well exercised and fully toned; exercise it at every opportunity.  It is your right. It is your happy duty.

Your voting muscles will be well exercised and fully toned. Exercise them at every opportunity.  It is your right. It is your duty.

The Honorable Kenneth Gordon, Bedford’s State Representative writes to the Class of 2020

State Representative Ken Gordon

To the BHS Class of 2020, congratulations. You are moving on from BHS fully prepared to tackle the challenges that await. Whether your next step will involve college, the workforce, the military or otherwise, know that the work you have done will help you down the path to your future.

Your future, all of our futures, depends on the choices we make. Here in May of 2020, the world is a different place than the one you imagined just a few months ago. I am honored to be your state representative in Beacon Hill where I can help address the effects of the terrible virus that has plagued us on a state level. Our fantastic health care workers, grocery and drug store workers, and teachers and school staff have all adjusted to address this crisis; we in government have a crucial role as well. We frame the infrastructure so that all of these institutions remain strong, and so that our families can get the support they need.

Government serves an important function and those who serve in government must recognize this responsibility and appreciate their place in this effort.

You have an opportunity to participate in our democracy this September and again in November by exercising your right to vote for the people who are charged with protecting us in Washington and in Boston. Cherish that opportunity. People in other countries are envious of it. People in this country have fought and died for it. Cast your ballot, whether by mail or in person, but make sure your voice is heard. Voting is not only your right as an American, it should be seen as your greatest opportunity to bring your values to this democracy.

Thank you, congratulations, and good luck with your future.

Ken Gordon.


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