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The Bedford Citizen asked the Bedford High School class of 2020 what they would have said if they had known March 11th was their last day at BHS.

A high school senior’s final semester is filled with big and small events:  Prom, Graduation. Fashion Shows, Spoons, Scavenger Hunts,  Parties, and more.  The senior spring semester is a celebration of  accomplishments, but it’s also, maybe even more importantly, a closing of a chapter.   The last semester really is just a long goodbye.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the BHS class of 2020 has been cheated of the fun and traditions that accompany this final semester.  On March 11 the high school “temporarily” closed.  As things continued to unfold, that temporary shutdown turned out to be for the rest of the year.

One senior mentioned that she was sad, not only about all the fun activities that were not happening in that final spring, but sad that she wouldn’t have a chance to say thanks and goodbye to so many people at BHS.

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By: Jonathan Pierre

If I had known March 11th was my last day of school I would’ve worried less about homework, and taken the time to express a little more gratitude to those who deserve it most. I would thank Kevin, Mr. Foley and Sherm for their hard work keeping our school safe and sanitary, as well as their friendly “morning”s and “see ya”s. I would say thank you to Amy, Gail and the rest of the ever-friendly lunch ladies for never failing to have a smile on their face and putting one on mine everyday. I would thank my past bus drivers Butch, John and Joes (both of them) for being the first friendly face I’d see in the morning. Lastly, I’d say thank you to all of the exceptional educators and faculty that came to work everyday for the past four years and made my time at BHS as amazing as it was.

By:  Emma Guarino

This is what I’d say if I knew that we wouldn’t be going back to school.  I would thank my teachers for all that they’ve done and for how they’ve supported us throughout the years. I would also try to talk to all the people who I’m not as close with as much as possible because those are the people that I won’t be able to see as much. On top of that I would say bye to the building itself and all the memories that I had while inside it.

By:  Kai Chun

If I had known that March 11 was going to be the last day of my high school, I would have liked to say thank you to all of my teachers that have shaped me the way I am today.

By:  Jordan Vinh

What would I have done differently? Ideally, nothing. A lot of us wish we had the chance to say goodbye to our peers on March 11th, since that would provide us with closure. But if I had said goodbye to my friends, I would have felt a sense of finality in my relationships with them. It’s because I didn’t get the chance to say farewell that I still invest time and energy into maintaining my friendships. Together, our class has established bonds with one another that surpass physical distance, bonds formed by the sense of loss we all feel. Without that sense of loss, we wouldn’t share the same bond we do now, and that’s why ideally, I would do nothing.

But that’s ideally. Realistically, I would probably start bawling like a baby as I waved goodbye to the people I’ve made so many good memories with.

By :  Lily Nemirovsky

If I had known March 11th would be my last day at Bedford High School, I would have tried to memorize the details that make BHS BHS. Additionally, I would have taken the time to say goodbye to the people and places that have made my time at BHS so positive. I would have walked through the hallways, taking in the posters advertising singing-grams, school trips, and holiday cards sold by STEP on the walls, the animal hybrid photos and fun ceramic jars in the glass display, the quotes taped to so many teachers’ doors, and all of the other little details that give the building its character and reflect the community that creates them. I might have even tried to memorize exactly how the bell sounded, the bell that we dreaded each flex block and anticipated each E block.

I would have visited the courtyard, where I loved to eat lunch when the sun broke through in the spring and where I spent end-of-the-year APES classes gardening. I’d stop by the block house, too, the place I spent almost every fall afternoon eagerly waiting for cross country practice to begin, passing around the rollers, playing a quick game of ninja, and sometimes, taking a quick power nap on the side turf.

Finally, I would try to remember every face I walked by in the hallway, the patterns of people so familiar by now that I could tell which class I was headed to just by the groups of people flowing in each direction. I would have appreciated the students that I never talked to, but that shaped my classroom experience nevertheless. And I would make sure to thank all of the adults in the building that have been there for me these past four years, showing them my gratitude in person rather than trying to convey it through an email.

We may have lost these little opportunities on top of all the big celebrations and traditions, but the losses over these last few months do not overshadow the experiences we’ve had over the past four years. We can still look back on twelve years of funny, challenging, scary, happy, surprising, victorious, and touching memories with countless classmates, teachers, coaches, and friends. So goodbye, BHS, and thank you for all of the memories

By:  Emily Harrington

If I had known it was my last day I would have definitely hugged as many people as I could. I also would have said my goodbyes to my teachers and thanked them for everything.

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