Bedford Being Bedford ~ Support a Senior ~ Community Spirit and the Class of 2020

Contents of the Class of 2020 community gift envelopes


Each member of the Class of 2020 received a goody bag during today’s Cap and Gown pick-up. Among other gifts, each bag contained an envelope marked “CONGRATULATIONS — A little something to help you celebrate all you have accomplished! From: The Bedford Community

In less than a week, Class of 2020 parent Lee Lavi-Delzingo leveraged the power of social media and her longstanding Bedford connections to make the envelopes a genuine community enterprise.

Each student received a coupon redeemable for either a frappe, a sundae, or a cone because Bedford Farms Ice Cream was able to give the kids choices instead of just a kiddie-sized cone. But that’s not all… each senior will also get a $10 Amazon gift card to spend as they wish. And, thanks to a donation from Jim Sullivan at DSA printing, the gift cards were delivered in nicely printed envelopes.

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“Wow! How lucky am I to live in such an amazing little town and have the friends and family that I have??? I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all who donated to my little fundraiser to support the Bedford High School class of 2020,” said Lavi-Delzingo.

“When I originally posted my idea/request on May 20, I really did not know if I could raise enough money to even give a Bedford Farms kiddie-sized cone gift card to each kid, especially considering how many people out there are struggling to make ends meet right now.”

Slowly but surely, donations started coming in. Some, just as she requested, were for a few dollars and some were for more. But it all added up and the end result is, according to Lavi-Delzingo, “AMAZING, donations came from more than 120 people!” she added.

A 1991 graduate of BHS, Lavi-Delzingo returned to Bedford when it was time for her children to start school; son Bradley is a member of the Class of 2020, and daughter Hannah is a freshman.

Lavi-Delzingo teaches in Saugus, but “I used to work at Davis,” she said, “so I am Facebook friends with a lot of teachers from all the schools.”

Among those who supported the project, at least 10 gifts were donations from current and retired teachers, along with long-ago BHS grads; people who live locally, and also who live far away. People with kids, and without kids. Truly everyone stepped up to support these kids. Such love from near or far!”


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