More Trusted Sites for Coronavirus and Covid-19 Information

This is an update to “Coronavirus and Covid-19 ~ Information and Reliable Sources” by Gene Kalb, published in The Bedford Citizen on March 17.

The Bedford Citizen publishes current local information about the Covid-19 pandemic, and efforts to help by your town and neighbors. Click this link to read everything gathered in a special section

Helpful quick links to basic government sources, updated daily:

In-depth Covid-19 news

Several respected national newspapers have taken down their pay walls to allow free access to special sections devoted to Covid19 news. This gives readers without subscriptions the opportunity to read in-depth background stories and current news about the pandemic.

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projections

These models are being used by the White House and are frequently referred to in the press.  They originate with the University of Washington, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and are based on specific assumptions about mitigation. The projections are national and for each state  –  Covid-19

Checking the Facts

Because accuracy is crucial, two sites to clarify what you may have heard on Facebook, Twitter, or from a friend standing six feet away.





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