Earth Day, 2020 ~ Film Discussions, and a Poem

Bedford churches are set to observe the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with film discussions at First Church of Christ, Congregational and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, along with a poem by First Parish Poet Laureate Lois Pulliam.

Due to current restrictions on gatherings, the Earth Vision Institute and filmmaker James Balog are offering a link to stream The Human Element without charge through April 26.

An arresting new documentary by environmental photographer James Balog, The Human Element captures the lives of everyday Americans on the front lines of climate change. With rare compassion and heart, the film inspires us to reevaluate our relationship with the natural world. Click this link to learn more.

Balog is eager for the film to be shared as widely as possible to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  To stream The Human Element via Interfaith Power and Light, click this link and instructions will be emailed to you.

Three virtual discussions of The Human Element, will take place during First Church of Christ Congregational’s Wonderful Wednesday group this evening, and through gatherings hosted by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Sunday afternoon, and on Monday evening.

For information on Bedford’s discussions, please contact each church office: First Church of Christ, Congregational, (781) 275-7951, or St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, (781) 275-8262

No More Mother Earth

Lois F. Pulliam, poet laureate of First Parish, Unitarian Universalist, has shared No More Mother Earth to honor Earth Day, 2020

We support the Green New Deal.
We know that climate change is real.
Glaciers, coastlines, pollution-free air
Are leaving along with the polar bear.
Ocean voyages or auto vacations?
We’ll have to put these things “on rations”.
Using oil and gas and coal
Will make it hard to reach our goal.
The small blue ball as seen through space
Is still our favorite living place.
Let’s gird our loins, pull up our pants;
There won’t be any second chance.

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