What Were You Doing When You Were 12 Years Old?

Entrepreneur Ariel Grossman

If you cannot remember what it was or is like to be 12 years old, please meet Ariel Grossman, a 12-year-old creative, serious-minded Bedford middle school student, active in a variety of extracurricular activities, and a successful entrepreneur who produces and markets photo and video montages.

Ariel has a true passion for her work and enjoys being able to provide a professional and affordable product for her clients. She developed an entrepreneurial interest at an early age, cutting her teeth on lemonade stands and selling Girl Scout cookies. In 2018 a discussion with her mother regarding a montage for her future bat mitzvah led her to the decision that she would be the ideal person to develop her own montage for her upcoming 2020 celebration. As a result, Montages by Ariel was born.

All of the normal behind the scene necessary steps, tasks, procedures, and challenges of starting a business that adults face in getting a business up and running and continuing are also part of Ariel’s experience as a 12-year-old doing business.

Activities from the ground up including fine-tuning an initial idea, making a website, developing a business plan, dealing with computer and network issues, working with a software package, pricing details, interfacing with customers, solving problems, decision making, attracting customers, and producing a unique product come with the territory even when you are a 12-year-old doing business. Ariel is quick to acknowledge and thank her parents, Rebecca and Josh Grossman, who have been invaluable and supportive resources and mentors.

“Many clients come to me when they want a montage to show at a bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, birthday, or anniversary party. Other clients want a video created with photos to remember a special trip or celebration. And some clients want both! I have been using word of mouth and Facebook groups to get jobs. Because I’ve worked with many clients already, I have been getting more word of mouth business.”

To date, Ariel has developed about 20 montages for customers both local and distant. Much of her customer interface is online in nature and takes place in a relatively short time frame. She offers customers a choice of three different options and works closely with them to deliver a finished professional product matching their photos to a format and music that is sure to please. Keeping customers on target so they make their upcoming event deadline is part of the job and can be challenging, especially when you also have school work and personal activities of your own. Customers who are busy with planning an event or lack the time or expertise to make their own montage are particularly pleased to have found and work with Ariel regardless of her age.

Customer feedback for Montages by Ariel has been very positive. Ariel reports that one of her recent customers in Florida “sent me an extra $25 to spend on myself and it made me realize how many wonderful people there are in this world. It’s also been really fun and interesting to learn about the lives of the people in the montages and their families. It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve helped them create a special memory.”

Contact Ariel at her website https://www.montagesbyariel.com/ to learn more about her montages.

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