2020 Letter to the Editor: Supporting Mark Siegenthaler

By Amy Lloyd

Normally, a letter in support of a candidate would start off with a long list of their qualifications and accomplishments, but the last two weeks have made very clear that we aren’t in normal times anymore. In a nutshell, Mark Siegenthaler is one of the most experienced, rational, and levelheaded people that I known and we need his abilities and leadership on the Select Board in the coming uncertain months.

I have had the pleasure of serving with Mark for the past two years on the Planning Board – where he stepped forward to fill an unexpected vacancy – and now have a heightened, first-hand appreciation for his talents. He draws from a miles deep knowledge-base of local, state, and federal regulations; he considers constituent input and numerous local initiatives; he carefully looks at future needs and trends; and then makes fair and impartial decisions that balance sometimes competing interests.

Mark’s past tenure on the Select Board confirms him as a long-term progressive leader who makes beneficial change happen. He has had extensive involvement in Bedford’s energy reduction, recycling, solar, and net-zero efforts, and was the Select Board member that initiated the thin-film plastic bag ban (he drafted the language of Bedford’s bylaw before the end of his last term). On the economic strength side, and recognizing that the retail environment was rapidly changing to a service/entertainment model, he was the co-initiator of modifying Bedford’s liquor requirements to encourage more sit-down restaurants, helping to preserve the taxable value of our commercial stock.

Mark has worked his entire career on affordable housing at the state and federal levels and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of housing: a critical quality with our rapidly changing demographics and housing shortages. (A side note: as a state employee, Mark is bound by campaign rules that are extremely restrictive and he is scrupulously honest about following those rules. This is why he is running a word-of-mouth campaign.)

The rapidly changing events and often conflicting information that we’re experiencing can lead to heightened emotions and hasty choices. Mark’s calm demeanor, consistently rational thought process, and ability to not evade making difficult decisions are they type of leadership we need now and in the future. Please join me in voting for Mark Siegenthaler for Select Board on Saturday.

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