Letter to the Editor: The Foundation of Our Local Democracy

October 29, 2019

Teri Maio Morrow is the President and Publisher of The Bedford Citizen

Whether you grew up in a small town with a town meeting form of government, or in a city with a mayor and city council, there are few opportunities for ordinary citizens like us to have a say in how their community is governed.

On November 4 at 7 PM, every registered voter in Bedford gets a say. A say in the rules that govern how the town operates, through updates to the Town Charter. A say in how the Town regulates businesses, and what you can do with your property through Zoning Bylaws.

How about your taxes? Do you want a say in those? Well, one of the regular items on Special Town Meeting’s warrant is the Community Preservation surcharge. Your attendance and vote at the November Special Town Meeting give you a say in how your property is taxed. Who’d a thunk it?!

It’s the foundation of our local democracy; it’s your chance to participate in your government.

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Come to Town Meeting on November 4 at 7 PM at the Bedford High School Auditorium and have YOUR say on these and more.

By clicking this link, you’ll learn what’s on the warrant and by clicking this one you’ll see a list of all The Citizen‘s preparatory coverage, updated daily until Special Town Meeting.

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