Planning Board Approves Side Lot Adjustments, Works on New Prince Street Café Location

By Ben Oleksinski

The Bedford Planning Board held development sessions for two properties at their July 9 meeting. Discussions concerned one property at 9 and 11 Summer Street, and another at 36 North Road.

Planning Board members approved an ANR application to adjust the side lot line between two existing properties, 9 and 11 Summer St.

With an existing single-family dwelling on each lot, the new lot line requires the relocation of the existing single-family dwelling on 11 Summer Street. The resulting lots will each meet the frontage requirement of 115 feet in the Residence B District and the adequate access requirement for 25,000 square feet of lot area. The Board noted that the lots, which abut the property at 330 South Road, are the subject of preliminary discussion for conversion of the existing buildings from business uses to multifamily housing. It is anticipated that a draft zoning bylaw amendment will be submitted later this summer for consideration at the November Town Meeting to achieve that outcome.

Planning Board members then approved a minor amendment to the existing special permit at 36 North Road granted under the North Road Mixed-Use Overlay District, as requested by the owner of the Prince Street Café.

This modifies the current plans for work on the property. Prince Street Café, which wishes to relocate to the North Road site,  now aims to remodel the existing building rather than proceed to demolition and reconstruction as envisioned in the approved permit. Modifications include alterations of the existing building, completely redoing the front and patio, moving the apartment portion from front to back, and providing off-site employee parking to maximize the seating potential.

The Board viewed processing the request just as a minor amendment to be the simplest approach, taking into consideration that the zoning has since been replaced by the Great Road zoning. Modifying the previous special permit will both allow the mix of restaurant and residential use and provide the Board with better oversight as the project continues.

The Planning Board is supportive of the plans. The modifications will function as a more appealing presentation for the property as well as a revitalization of business in the area.
Further discussion about the 36 North Road property will continue at the next meeting.




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