New Recycling Carts Leave Nosy Neighbors Frustrated

By The Bedford Scallion

The Town rolled out (literally) their new shiny blue recycling carts this past Monday.  They will allow for automated trucks to reduce the cost of collecting all our “stuff.”  Some of the other benefits are that on a windy day plastics and papers won’t litter the neighborhood, all good.  Also, wheels are a nice touch

There is another, possibly unexpected, result of the new carts.

You can’t snoop.  Residents are going to be left in the dark as to what type of wine their neighbors drink, or who drinks too much.  Who gets all their stuff from Amazon, whose kids are now in pull-ups, who reads The Times and who reads The Herald.  The old grey recycling bins were a little window into the habits of your neighbors.  All that is gone now.

With the old grey bins, there was always, at least for some, a chance to impress the neighborhood.   If you had a bottle of Dom Perignon, you put that bottle in last to make sure everyone saw it.   Conversely, you always buried the cheap stuff in the bottom.

Gladys Kravits of Morning Glory Circle called the DPW to complain about the new carts.  “How am I supposed to keep track of things in the neighborhood,” she asked.   “I’ve been snooping in recycle bins for a long time.”

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