An Appreciation: Memories of Doris “Mickey” Webber

April 3, 2019

By Carl & Signe Hanson

Editor’s Note: Doris ‘Mickey’ Webber passed away on January 1, 2019. A Memorial Service will take place at First Church of Christ, Congregational at 2 pm on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

Doris “Mickey” “Mae” Webber visited her old house on Fletcher Road during the 2015 Christmas in the Village holiday house tour – Image (c) JMcCT, 2015 all rights reserved

Doris Webber was known as “Mickey” by many  Bedford folks and as “Mae” by her family and the children in her daytime care. She was loved by all who knew her…and felt her love in return.

Although always loyal to her New Jersey roots, she loved Bedford and New England. Her home on Fletcher Road was the day-care center for many families starting in 1977. The children, now adults, will recall it as the “center” of their lives while growing up. Our daughter Siri Hanson and Mickey’s grandson Jason Webber were the first two of the many children who were fortunate to be there. Siri delighted in being dropped off at “Mae’s” house every morning and after being picked up in the evening was excited to share her experiences of the day.  Back in those days, “Cappy” the horse (Glenn’s horse) was a featured attraction in his stable behind the garage. Trips to Stefanelli’s grocery store in the Sheldon Block at the corner of Fletcher Road and Great Road were part of learning responsibility.   Mickey would write a simple grocery list and Siri would carry it to the store where it would be filled and carried back with pride.

The house on Fletcher Road was open to friends and family. We knew that the back door was unlocked and could leave notes on the bulletin board or packages at the top of the stairs to the cellar. “Down Cellar” was the indoors playground in the winter. And “Time Out” was when “The Brady Bunch” was on afternoon television. Summer pick-up times were accomplished while kids were playing under the magnificent tree outside the back door.

When it came time to close down the day-care and sell the house on Fletcher Road, she moved to Maple Street, a house in the center of town that had been in the Webber family since the 1800s. Suitably upgraded, #8 Maple became a center to meet and greet her many friends who visited often. Bird-watching through her kitchen windows was delightful.

Mickey was proud of her sons and their families. The first half hour of every visit to her house was spent reviewing photographs and updates of what all the children and grandchildren were doing. It is truly an amazing family to be proud of.  Not only her family, but she widened out her definition to include the kids who grew up in her day-care and all of us who loved her.

Mickey Webber will be missed, but her legacy is ensured in the Town of Bedford.

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