Letter to the Editor, 9 March 2019: Political Humanity

Respectfully written by Jennifer Puhle, fellow human

“Never talk about religion or politics.”  Words we hear as we enter adulthood that are meant to be helpful yet serve a contrary purpose.

Bedford has been buzzing about politics with this most recent Town election, voting occurring as I write this article.  This article was intentionally written with a few hours before voting ends, as I stay away from social media and from our local Starbucks, choosing not to hear persuasive words towards any of the candidates, particularly those in contested races.

Am I being ignorant in staying away?  No.  Am I confident in who I voted for?  Yes.  Has this election changed the way I feel about any of the candidates or their campaign members?  No.

All of us as Bedford residents are human and humanity cannot be lost, even when discussing religion or politics.  We all want what is best for our Town and we must respect what this looks like.  No human can have every desire they could possibly wish.  Every human in this country has the right to be heard and the right to their opinion. If everyone shared the same opinion, what a stagnant world we would live in.

Let’s continue to share our opinions and listen to the opinions of others.  Let’s learn about the history of our Town. Let’s learn about the people in our Town.  Let’s be open and accepting of other people and know that what drives them is equally as important as what drives you.

Deep down, we are all humans.  Powerful, not perfect.  With hearts and emotions and thoughts and experiences that make us unique.  I encourage everyone to keep this in mind as we go about life after the polls have closed. Hold the door open for the person behind you at Starbucks, regardless of what color button they wore a few days ago.  Think about your posts on social media before you hit return, considering your own emotions if someone wrote similar words about you.

Be respectful. Be kind. Have empathy.  What a wonderful world to live in.

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