Introducing A New Column and Three New Contributors to The Bedford Citizen


By Ginni Spencer

The Bedford Citizen is pleased to announce a new feature, “Voices at Bedford High School,” which will bring our readers articles written by three students from the high school.

This feature will be a platform for the reflections of three of Bedford’s young people on various topics of their choosing and is expected to run the gamut from personal experiences and observations to consideration of events taking place outside of Bedford that affect us all.  They are encouraged to solicit the opinions and ideas of their peers and teachers and other staff members.  Each article will be vetted in the same way in which all our articles are prepared for publication.  The goal of The Citizen is to reach out to younger readers and bring them into the community conversation.  Please join us in welcoming Ryan Doucette, Hannah O’Connor, and Brooke Shamon.

Ryan Doucette, Class of 2021

Ryan is a newcomer to Bedford this year and lives at Hanscom Field with his family.  His father serves in the Coast Guard.  He was born in Portland, Maine and has lived in a variety of places including Fairfax City, Virginia; Kailua, Hawaii; Guilford, Connecticut; Fort Dix, New Jersey and Vienna, Virginia.  Through it all, he has remained a “huge Boston sports fan.”  He describes himself as “politically active” and attributes that to the grandfather who got him involved with politics at an early age.  This year he is working for the re-election of Governor Charlie Baker.  At this point, Ryan believes political science, communications or journalism will be his area of study after he graduates.

Hannah O’Connor, Class of 2020

Hannah is a returning contributor to The Citizen.  She wrote for us last year about the student walk-out at the high school following the shooting at Margery Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  O’Connor has lived in Bedford most of her life and tells The Citizen she “has always had a passion for social justice and advocacy” and writing has always been a part of that.  Hannah believes she will pursue a degree in education after finishing high school and wants to “pursue meaningful work that will change the lives of others.”

Brooke Shamon, Class of 2019

Brooke will author the first article in the new series in which she reflects on the stresses of applying to college.  Writing is a serious interest and Shamon commented that “I cannot see myself in a job that doesn’t involve writing.”  Her dream is to live and work in New York City, perhaps writing for a fashion magazine such as Cosmo.  She acknowledges achieving this dream will take a lot of work but she is eager “…to put in the work and time” to get there.  Shamon has lived in Bedford since 2006.

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