Bedford Explained, 2.0 ~ Who Was Eleazer Davis?

September 12, 2018

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

As The Bedford Citizen enters its sixth year we are bringing our readers a new feature called “Bedford Explained 2.0”  While many of us have lived in Bedford for a long time, there are things around town that have made me curious. But after seeing them so often, those curiosities have become part of the scenery.

Everything has a story, so The Bedford Citizen is working with the Bedford Historical Society and Bedford’s Town Historian Sharon McDonald to bring our readers explanations about those things that make us curious.  We have adapted Bedford Explained a bit.  Call it Bedford Explained 2.0. 

One question we’ve always had: Who was the Davis School named after.  We assume it was from Colonial times, but is there a story?  And Eleazer is not a common name. 

So Sharon, Can you help?

Who Was Eleazer Davis!

In Bedford, MA, children in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade attend the Lt. Eleazer Davis Elementary School. Eleazer? That’s an unusual name, although it was a well-known name in colonial times, chosen because it comes from the Bible. It has four syllables and is pronounced el-ee-ay’-zer.

There was an Eleazer in each of five generations of the Davis family. They lived in turn on the Davis Farm, which overlooked the Concord River in southwest Bedford. Their house, 300 years old, still stands at the sharp bend in the Davis Road near Hillcrest Road – it is a horse boarding and training farm now.

Of the five Eleazers, ours was the third. He was born in 1734, and was a second lieutenant in the Bedford Militia when he marched with his men to Concord on April 19th, 1775 for the battle at the North Bridge. The sword he carried on that day is now in the collection of the Bedford Historical Society.

Sharon McDonald
Town Historian

Editor’s Note: Do you ever wonder about something you see around town?  Let us know – email [email protected] with your questions!

This is the sixth year of The Bedford Citizen. Its mission is simple: community news for the Bedford Community. Bedford is a great town and we’re lucky to live in this community.  The Bedford Citizen tries to add to the sense of community by keeping everyone informed about activities going on in and around Bedford.

We hope you appreciate The Bedford Citizen and hope you will donate so we can continue our mission.

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