Recycle Holiday Cardboard on Saturday and Styrofoam Packing on Monday

Submitted by Ed McGrath, Bedford DPW Recyling Coordinator

You don’t have to wait until regular trash pick-up on Monday to recycle all that holiday packing material – cardboard and Styrofoam – you’ll have by Saturday morning.

The Department of Public Works is providing Bedford residents an additional opportunity to recycle these materials.

  • A container for flattened cardboard will be located in the parking lot across from the entrance to the Bedford Police Station from Saturday, December 26 until December 31.
  • On Monday, December 28, the DPW has arranged for ReFoamit to set up a collection for Styrofoam from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the same location.

“Residents can bring all the cardboard generated Christmas Day and all the shipping boxes that arrived with those last minute gifts since last Monday,” said Ed McGrath, Bedford’s Recycling Coordinator.  “And with all those packages, we expect people will have a lot of Styrofoam packing materials and by providing this collection service on Monday, we hope it helps residents lessen the volume of trash they put out on Monday.”

McGrath stressed only cardboard is being collected in the container and asks residents to refrain from putting plastic bags and packaging, Styrofoam and trash in the container.

“It would be a big help if people flatten their boxes before putting them in the container,” McGrath said. “If the boxes are broken down, we’ll be able to fit a lot more cardboard in the dumpster.”

As for Styrofoam, ReFoamit accepts packing blocks, produce and meat trays, take-out containers, hot beverage cups such as Dunkin’ Donuts, and foam egg cartons. For more information on what ReFoamit will accept, please visit this website:

“At the recycling events last spring and fall, Bedford residents filled ReFoamit’s truck,” McGrath said.  “I expect they’ll drive off Monday with another full truck.”

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