Community Organizing Team (COT) for Mothers Out Front Forms in Bedford

September 17, 2015

Submitted by Meighan Matthews

Carlough Faulkner-Carroll hopes her work with Mothers Up Front will protect the environment for her children - Image (c) Bob Bass, 2015 all rights reserved
Carlough Faulkner-Carroll hopes her work with Mothers Out Front will protect the environment for future generations – Image (c) Bob Bass, 2015 all rights reserved

A new group is gaining attention in Bedford with advocacy on behalf of clean and renewable energy as their goal. Mothers Out Front is a non-profit organization mobilizing for a livable climate by working together to convince officials to make responsible choices for all of us. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Cambridge, Mothers Out Front is made up of Community Organizing Teams (COTs) across Massachusetts, andthey are now spreading throughout the Northeast.

“I was moved to organize a Bedford COT after struggling to see how I could have a greater impact on climate change than just within my own home and family,” says Carlough Faulkner-Carroll, Bedford’s COT Coordinator.

“I saw Mothers out Front marching in the Honk Parade in Somerville in October of 2013,” Faulkner-Carroll continued, “and I knew right then, that is what I needed to join. When I realized Bedford didn’t have a chapter, I realized I needed to start one. It was a new and somewhat daunting challenge for me, but it was the right decision. I’ve already met so many wonderful, committed women here in town.”

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Look for Mothers Out Front’s bicycle-driven Earth float and seed pod giveaway at Saturday’s parade.  (Place the seed pod in a small pot of soil, water, and wait for the surprise plants to grow!) Marchersof any age and gender are still welcome to join them. After the parade, visit Mothers Out Front at Booth #82 to learn more about the group, their next house party, energy switches, Community Choice Aggregation, and how you can be involved.

The Bedford COT also plans to mobilize behind a bigger local project: Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). Massachusetts is one of only a handful of states in the US that passed legislation allowing local governments to aggregate, or combine, their residential and commercial electricity demand to negotiate for cheaper and cleaner sources of power. Some of Bedford’s neighbors, including Lexington and Lowell, already have successful aggregation programs.  All residents and businesses in those towns now have access to cleaner energy fuel at less cost than they were paying before.About 15 years ago Bedford residents passed a warrant article giving Bedford the go-ahead for CCA. Mothers Out Front is now working with the town and other local groups to make it happen.

Switching to clean energy sources at the individual household level is Mothers Out Front’s current effort.The burning of fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil power the electricity plants for most households in the US, but viable renewableoptions exist for electricity sources such as solar and wind. Through small house parties, Mothers Out Front educates consumers about their renewable options and the steps to switch. Their next house party will be on September 25th and any interested guests are welcome.  Please contact[email protected]for more information.

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