Bedford Day Parade Update: Are You Marching?

September 16, 2015
Motorcycle officer Tom Devine and a color guard from the Bedford Police Department lead the 2013 Bedford Day parade -- Image (c) JMcCT
Motorcycle officer Tom Devine and a color guard from the Bedford Police Department lead the 2013 Bedford Day parade — Image (c) JMcCT

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Recreation Director Amy Hamilton has thanked the parade units for marching in this year’s celebration, and she reminds marchers that the emphasis is always on safety- for marchers and parade watchers.

If you have questions that are not addressed below please contact Amy Hamilton at the Recreation Office 781-275-1392 or email [email protected] with any questions prior to Bedford Day. Click to view or print the 2015 Memo to Parade Participants

Important instructions

Please note: Loomis Street between South Road and Great Rd, as well as streets off of Loomis will be closed to automobiles at 10:00!

All groups with children must provide escorts from the drop-off loop on Loomis Street to the group’s meeting spot on Page Field. This will ensure that parents are handing their children to the appropriate groups.

Performances at the Reviewing Stand will be limited to one minute to avoid interrupting the parade pace. Performances along the way should be handled with discretion to avoid creating gaps between groups.

The Parade Route

The parade route begins at the intersection of The Great Rd. and Loomis St., proceeds north on The Great Rd. and turns left onto Mudge Way, where it ends. Parade steps off at 10:30. Distance is a little less than a mile, up-hill, so be prepared to walk. If driving vehicles in the parade, ensure that your vehicle is prepared to travel at a slow speed. If your vehicle is open and will be transporting people, please make sure that the railings are adequately strong to secure your passengers.

Post-Parade Parking

There is no parking for floats at the end of the parade. We ask that riders be dropped off at the end of the parade near Wilson Park.  Vehicles must continue on either Route 62 or Routes 4/225.

Finding Your Group

All groups must have a means of identifying the group to the parade goers (sign, banner, etc.)

Group Staging Areas

Map 1 – Emergency and DPW Vehicles, Honor Guard, and Local Dignitaries

These groups will be in Staging Area Map 1. Groups should arrive no later than 10:00AM (DPW 10:15 AM).

DPW vehicles enter all parade apparatus on Lane Ave and line up starting on the corner of Winthrop and Loomis once all Fire vehicles are in place. Dignitaries will meet at the corner of Great Road & Loomis Street.

Map 2 – DeAngelo Drive

Citizen of the Year, Historical Society, COA, BHS Cheerleaders, BHS JROTC, BHS Marching Band, Democratic Town Committee, Bedford Family Connection, Bedford 4-H, Riggio, Cub Scouts Troop 194, POMS, Bedford Children’s Center, Rotary Club, Serv Pro, Mothers Out Front, Guard Up!, MCC and Kamate Fitness.

The above groups along with their floats and parade vehicles will line up @ Deangelo Drive no later than 9:50 AM (Loomis Street closes at 10:00). Vehicles and floats will face Loomis Street.

To line up, drive to the end of Deangelo Drive and turn around in the circle at the end of the road. Please do not try to maneuver a three point turn into your spot. Each group’s staging area will be marked. Please see the attached map of Staging Area 2 for your group’s specific location. Children are never to be dropped at the end of Loomis unless escorted by a parent to Deangelo Drive.

Map 3 – Page Field

Minuteman Company, BHS Sexuality & Gender Alliance, Bedford MA DI, Bedford Youth Soccer, Bedford Embraces Diversity, PMC, Girl Scouts, Cultural Council, Pop Warner, Callahan’s Karate, Thompson Lodge, Mu-Sa Total Martial Arts, LBYH, Attitudes Dance, and Montessori School.

Members must arrive at Page Field by 9:50 AM because the road closes at 10:00.

Please note specific staging instructions on the attached map (Staging Area 3). All group areas will be clearly marked by signs on the field.

The parking lot at Page field is designated as a drop off spot only and will have a one way flow of traffic! Group escorts will meet parade participants here and walk them to their groups. Children are never to be dropped at the end of Loomis unless escorted by a parent to Page Field.

Mandatory Safety Check

Drivers of all FLOATS AND OTHER NON-EMERGENCY AND NON-DPW VEHICLES must meet on foot at the intersection of Loomis St. and DeAngelo Drive at 9:45 for a safety briefing. The Police Chief/Police Representative will inspect all vehicles for safety prior to the start of the parade.

Partial list of float/vehicle safety considerations:

  •  Please use seatbelts if available.
  • Make sure everyone is seated during the operation of the vehicle or float.
  • Floats may not exceed 5 mph while occupants are on the float.
  • Drivers must have 360-degree vision or communication.
  • Maintain 50 feet from the unit in front of you.
  • Drivers are to focus on driving, not waving or tossing candy.
  • Candy must be tossed into the crowd, not on the road.
  • Drivers are to not use cell phones during parade.
  • All floats will have an adult assigned to ensure all occupants are seated and children are controlled (other than the driver).
  • No riders will have arms or legs dangling from the float.
  • No riders will be sitting at the front of the float where there is potential for a rider to fall between the trailer and towing vehicle.
  • The float must come to a complete stop and driver must place the vehicle in “park” before any member gets on or off.  Driver will announce that people can now get on or off.
  • Driver or designated observer must announce to all riders when the vehicle is starting movement or stopping movement, to avoid falling due to a jerking motion.
  • All drivers will have a valid driver’s license.
  • Please make sure all material and decorations are securely fastened.
  • Trailers must meet safety standards and operational requirements.
  • No smoking on float.

Safety Before, During, and After the Bedford Day Parade Is Our Number One Priority!

Once again, thank you for your assistance in making Bedford Day a successful and SAFE celebration.




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