Nature Notes: Spring Has Sprung at Fawn Lake

June 17, 2015
A muskrat at Fawn Lake - Image (c) Laura Bullock, 2015
A muskrat at Fawn Lake – Image (c) Laura Bullock, 2015

By Laura Bullock

As we all know, spring was very late to arrive this year and then it seemed to jump right into summer!  Because the ice lasted so long on the lake the swans that normally stop here for a few weeks must have gone straight on to their summer residence.  Hopefully they’ll come back this fall – they are a beautiful sight to see!  But there is plenty to see and experience at Fawn Lake with the return of the geese, ducks, great blue heron, the lily pads (nothing seems to stop them), and despite the towns efforts several years ago to eliminate them, the beaver have made their way back too.

There has been evidence of them this spring with the sounds of tails slapping on the water, or small twigs and branches being chewed on – however this is the first tree I’ve seen that has been felled.

Click here to view Photographs of Fawn Lake by Laura Bullock

A mother goose makes her home each year under the tree on the island near Springs Road.  Another family nests in the catch basin area across the street from Sweetwater Ave behind the condos.  The goslings usually hatch about two weeks apart and looks like they were on that same schedule again this year.  The older group originally had four goslings, and the younger group has two that were born the other day.  How quickly they grow!

Dozens of Lady Slippers are blooming along the rock outcropping.  Beautiful!  There are literally thousands of blueberry bushes around the lake and throughout the conservation land behind it.

I saw this muskrat last week on the island and I posted the picture to the Fawn Lake FB page.  Someone commented that they saw a coyote coming from that area with a muskrat in his mouth.  Wonder if it was this guy…

From the pileated woodpecker, bluebird  and great blue heron to the hummingbird and mallard ducks, you’ll find the lake is teeming with a wide variety of bird species.  It constantly amazes me to see who is calling Fawn Lake home.

This is just a small sampling of the wildlife you will find at Fawn Lake.  I hope you get a chance to visit the lake yourself to experience this very unique and special place.   For more pictures and information follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Fawn Lake Bedford Springs.

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