A Farewell to Spring

By Dan Brosgol

Dan Brosgol
Columnist Dan Brosgol

Memorial Day weekend kicked off just the way it should have–with sparkling weather, back-to-back fire pits, and a Saturday night that was twice as good because the work week was still two-and-a-half days away.

It’s hard to remember now that we’re about to kick off a string of 90-degree days, but turn on the way-back machine and think about Friday and Saturday, when it was sunny in the daytime, cool and clear at night, and you were sleeping with the windows open and a breeze coming in. It was tremendous. And while on Friday night we had a little fire pit going on in our backyard, on Saturday we had an impromptu gathering with friends at their place—it was one of those family playdates that got going in the afternoon sunlight and didn’t end until the well after dark, after the stars had come out, and the kids were dancing around the fire and looking at the moon’s craters through a telescope.

All told, the weekend was a win, with only one soccer game and zero baseball games for the kids, a field trip to the Old North Bridge and some great family photos, and a Monday that despite my best efforts felt melancholy because, well, Tuesday was coming. But Monday rallied late, and we went out to dinner and settled in for a nice night at home at a relatively early hour.

Between the kids’ schedules  and my schedule, this weekend really was the only open weekend we were going to have until, well, July 4, and after that not until August, so it felt good to do little, enjoy a lot, and spend almost the whole weekend in town. Now we’ve got to buckle down and run the gauntlet of baseball and end-of-school madness until June 22, and then we can breathe for four days before summer baseball and swimming get rolling.

In a sad kind of way, the older I get, the busier we all get, so finding those brief windows of nothingness on a Google calendar that is rainbow-coded with everyone’ activities and has almost no empty spaces becomes more and more challenging. But when we do find them, it makes us appreciate them that much more.

Good luck heading down the home stretch. Summer’s almost here!

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