Much Ado About Nothing, and Other Thoughts

Dan Brosgol
Dan Brosgol

Some mornings were made for beautiful back-road drives to work, and this morning was definitely one of them. The sun was out, the trees were flaming yellow, and the thought of 128 gridlock was unbearable. So as I meandered past Hanscom, and through Lincoln, Weston, and Wellesley on the way down to Newton, I had plenty of time to think about quasi-insightful things to write about.

Much Ado About Nothing

At least from the Bedford side of Hanscom, this morning’s F-15 flyover was actually a distant flyby, as the jets barely grazed Bedford airspace on the way from Waltham to Salem. My Loomis Street line-of-sight was sky-blue and cloudless, and I did see the formation of jets just above the horizon at 8:31 this morning heading north, but let’s be real- in recent years there have been far more impressive Air Force activities above our little hamlet. Last October a formation of fighters did loops over Bedford to time their Fenway flyover perfectly before Game 1 of the World Series, and there have been other instances of fighters roaring over Concord Road after take-off doing sharp turns over town. There was also the time I saw a massive C-117 landing, and Marine Week 2010 and the V-22 Osprey flying around, so this morning was definitely a let-down.

A Farewell To Soccer Saturdays

Now that we’ve finished the Labor-Day-to-Veteran’s-Day gauntlet of nonstop soccer, there’s a pregnant and dramatic pause until basketball begins in early December. The last time I had a Saturday with no kids playing soccer was in August, so I’m going to appreciate an entire day with nothing on the calendar. Sure, Saturday will be 39 degrees and chock-full-o’-polar-vortex, but who cares. Look for me at the Science Museum, or the OId North Bridge, or anywhere in between.

Blue Is The New Black

It might not be Thanksgiving, but the jingly TV commercials are already here, Starbucks is decked out in Christmas Red, and as of tomorrow the snowflakes will be flying. That’s another way of saying that the holiday shopping season is already underway. For those of your desperately seeking Bedford gear and garb, BEST/PTO is holding a sale of both. Check out this link for information on ordering pajama pants, Bedford blue zip-up fleeces, Davis School t-shirts, hoodies, and winter hats. But act fast… the sale ends TODAY.

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