Recycling Reminder: Segregate Paper!

Submitted by Bedford Recycling Coordinator Gretchen Carey

Bedford Recycle binsBedford has dual stream recycling, which means that the paper is separated from the “commingled” plastic, metal, and glass containers.

It is done this way to allow the paper to be sold separately as a commodity: the fact that it is separate from the food containers means that it is cleaner, and worth more.  The value of this paper is then credited towards the Town’s cost of waste hauling with Republic Services.

So, please remember to

  • put your paper into a separate grey bin from your glass/metal/plastic, or
  • put it all in a brown paper bag and lay that bag on top of your commingled containers. 

If you are an excellent recycler and need more space for your recycling, you can use an old trash can (wheels make it easier) with a “cans and bottles “or “recycle“ sticker on it from the Department of Public Works instead of a grey bin.

If you have any questions regarding what can be recycled, please see our chart on the Town website at . Any further questions can be directed to Recycling Coordinator Gretchen Carey at [email protected]

Thank you for recycling!

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October 19, 2014 11:44 am

Curious to know – it seems like the truck picks up our separated recycling and then just pours the cardboard, paper and bottles and cans all together into the truck.

Bedford Townie
October 19, 2014 4:04 pm
Reply to  Amy

Amy, agreed. Every week since the new company took over, I’ve seen them take everything and dump it into the truck, mixing everything anyways…?