Forget The Schools, It’s All About Free Parking

By Dan Brosgol

Bedford is a meter-free zone - Courtesy image
Bedford is a meter-free zone – Courtesy image

Today was National Take-Your-11-Year-Old-To-Work Day.

No, actually, it wasn’t. But it was for me, as we had an away game in Hudson and I didn’t want to drive the 45 miles from Newton to Bedford to Hudson during rush hour, instead opting for a much easier 33-mile trip from Newton to Hudson directly (it still took an hour).

As I went through a usual day at work, I set him up at an open desk with a full spread of books and two movies. Shortly before 1:00 I had a brief window in between meetings to run out for food, so we hopped in the car and drove down the hill to Newton Centre. I parked in the municipal lot behind Panera and put another dime in a meter that already had 20 minutes on it to give us an extra few minutes to eat.

It may have been a dime to me, but for Mr. Proud Bedford Resident who came with me, it was so much more.

As we walked into Panera, he said “Dad, do you know why Bedford is such a nice town?”

I thought for a second, wondering where this was going, and said “No. Why?”

“Because there aren’t any parking meters.”

It was simply stated and I’m sure was quite obvious in his mind, but it’s safe to say I had never considered the lack of parking meters in Bedford as something to celebrate or as a factor contributing to Bedford’s overall excellence.

But now, I certainly will.

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