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Local Family BikesTo Services at St Paul’s in celebration of Earth Day, 2013

Submitted by Bedford’s Bicycle Advisory Committee

Local Biking News Highlights

  • Minuteman Extension (West Bedford Railtrail) Design sent to State for review. State asking for clearer definition for link(s) between Depot Park and trail head.
  • Bedford Safe Routes To School Program honored with Innovation Award at Annual State Workshop
  • Bedford Bike Calendar
    • April 22 (Sun) Bike To Service Day celebrating Earth Day. Sponsored by local churches and the Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway
    • May 1 (Wed) Bike/Walk to School Day
    • May 5 (Sun 1-4pm) Minuteman Bikeway Open House – see draft plans for improvements to bikeway. Hosted by Lexington Bike Comm. at Lex. Depot (next to bikeway)
    • May – Bike Month
    • May 11-19 Bay State Bike Week pledge your bike rides (errands, recreation, fitness, commuting) and be part of the Bedford team! Register/Info
  • Rec Dept April Biking (on-going, contact Bedford Rec Dept: 275-1392 for details)
    • “Light and Easy Bike Outings” w/ Christine DeMarco; 4 weeks
    • “On and Off-Road-Biking Adventures” w/ Mary Hurley. 8 weeks
  • Rec Dept May Biking (signup at Bedford Rec Dept: 275-1392 for details)
    • “Basic Bicycle Maintenance For Women” w/ Pata Suyemoto, 3 weeks (Age 16+; Age 12-15 w/ parent)
  • Is Bedford a Bicycle Friendly Community?

In May, the League of American Bicyclists will return a report card and recommendations based on an extensive survey of the bicycling programs, infrastructure, and support in the town. The League uses a system of 5 E’s (Engineering, Enforcement, Encouragement, Education, and Evaluation) to rank communities on their level of bike-friendliness.

  • Bedford Bicycle Master Plan Proposal

The Bicycle Committee will submit a proposal to the Town to fund a master plan for bicycling. The plan would map existing and proposed bicycle facilities, identify where bicycle investments should be made, and present actions for implementation. It will promote safe and enjoyable bicycling opportunities for commute, recreation, and fitness, and will link to other modes of transportation.

Courtesy Image
Courtesy Image
  • More Sharrows  in Lexington Each time a Lexington road is scheduled for major repaving, it is evaluated for bicycle accommodation. Sharrows are planned for Adam St, and currently are found on Spring St., a portion of Mass Ave, and Worthen St in Lexington. Sharrows were officially approved by the national road standards agency in 2009 after testing in 13 cities, and can be seen locally in Arlington, Boston, Somerville, Belmont, Cambridge, Allston, and Brookline.
    • Sharrows are painted on the road and alert both the motorist and bicyclist that the lane is too narrow for cars to pass a bicyclists w/o crossing the center line. (Many states have a ‘minimum 3 foot clearance’ requirement when passing bicyclists)
    • Note, sharrows are not bike lanes and will not necessarily make ‘advanced’ level roads comfortable for ‘intermediate’ or ‘beginner’ bicyclists
  • New Map, Navigational Aids for Minuteman Bikeway The three MM towns (Bedford, Lexington, Arlington) are collaborating on a new map for the bikeway. Funded by a grant from the state, the Toole Design (Bicycle Transportation Engineers) has been selected to assess the MM bikeway and make recommendations to bring the 25 year-old infrastructure (signage, crossings, guides, etc.) up to modern standards.
    • Open House, May 5 at Lexington Depot (next to bikeway, town center) 1-4pm. Come see draft plans; Provide input to improve the bikeway experience. Flyer
  • Bicycle and Trails Committees continue work on easements to better connect neighborhoods and open spaces, and create a Bedford Greenway network with off-road or low-traffic loops suitable for families and recreational biking and walking.

Regional Highlights

  • Arlington Center (Bike path crossing) 25% Design Review Apr 23 Info/Notice
  • Arlington Moves Forward on Mass Ave Bike Lanes FAQs
  • Boston ‘bike share’ program 112 stations, 1100 bicycles, Continued success into third year. Info
  • Bicycle Friendly Communities – Arlington, Somerville recognized as ‘Bronze’ level bicycle communities by the League of American Bicyclists
  • Belmont Rail Trail new rail trail opened; Plans to eventually connect Alewife and Belmont Center
  • Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Chelmsford, 6.8 miles (opened 2009); Acton-Concord 75% Design Completed Info/Map
  • Nashua River Rail Trail – Ayer, 11 miles Info/Map
  • Shining Sea Bikeway – Falmouth, 16 miles Info/Map
  • On-line Bike Maps/Directions

Contact Us

Send us an email [email protected] with comments, questions, help with bike routes. We meet monthly, usually the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 in Town Hall.



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April 25, 2013 1:29 pm

I’m really worried about cycling as commuting. It is really dangerous and makes us targets. I am all for cycling for fun. Cycling for kids. Cycling for training and cycling off road. But I am not for cycling as commuting at all. Cars can hit us and speed away. It slows down traffic and causes indirect accidents as well. This has happened to me. I was a target on my cycle on Mass Ave in Arlington. I’d really like to change the laws and remove all the cycle lanes. I also think we should commute on trains instead. I do not anyone to get hurt!

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