Bedford Family Suffers Loss from Carlisle Road House Fire

Claudia Foxtree playing the ceremonial tribal drum that survived yesterday's fire.  Image (c) JMcCT, 2011 all rights reserved
Claudia Fox Tree playing the ceremonial tribal drum that survived yesterday’s fire. Image (c) JMcCT, 2011 all rights reserved

By the Bedford Citizen

The Carlisle Road home of Claudia Fox Tree, her five children, and parents was destroyed by a Thursday afternoon fire that is suspected to have been electrical in origin. All family members plus one of their cats have survived but most—if not all—of the furnishings, clothing, and keepsakes are not expected to be salvageable.

In response to messages of concern from friends, Fox Tree posted this message on Facebook:

Thank you for your emails and texts. I’m sorry I cannot answer them all. Yes, our house burned tonight. Yes, we are all okay (none of us were in the house). Yes, my parents are okay. Yes, we will be looking for alternative housing. Yes, many things are salvageable. No, the pets did not survive. Yes, the drum did. No, the boys have nothing. Yes, the girls have some things. Yes, we all have a place to stay.”

The family is reeling from their losses and trying to sort out what to do. Fox Tree said this morning that she is looking forward to the coming school vacation week so that her family can be together, bond, mourn and get a sense of how to move forward.

Temporary shelter has been secured but the family will eventually need another home to rent. They will also need furniture, clothing, funds, and a car—their mini-van was deemed a total loss from an accident that occurred around the time of the blizzard.  Personal mementos and photographs are another matter that will take more time to recreate, if that can indeed be done at all.

The Citizen has become aware of at least one fund that has been established to help the family. It is on a website called “Give Forward.” Please consider visiting the site to make a donation.

If you have any of the items listed that the Fox Tree-McGrath family needs, please contact The Citizen by email and we will forward your message to the family. Similarly, if you know of other efforts to raise funds and/or collect needed items, The Bedford Citizen will help get the word out to others who might be able to help. Click here to email The Citizen: [email protected]

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