Gorgeous Intersections: A Photo Essay Celebrating The Bedford Garden Club

A view of the garden at the intersection of Old Billerica Road and Page Road

By Leslie Wittman

The beautiful gardens blooming in traffic islands all around town have looked spectacular this year thanks to the dedicated work of the Bedford Garden Club.

Jan Burnes is the club’s civic chairwoman and is responsible for ordering flowers, handling questions about the islands andcoordinating volunteers.She explained that the Garden Club is helped by the DPW who provides and deliversmulch and annuals needed to complement the many perennials, roses and bushes in the gardens.

The Garden Club is always looking for volunteers. Many of the current members are getting older so if people who live in Bedford want to see the project continue, residents need to help.

Anybody in town can work on an island or garden whether they want to formally join the club or not. Neighborhood groups can start new gardens with the Garden Club’s help, but there are a couple of rules—the location must be on a highly visible/ traveled road, andthere must be a commitment from the participants that they will plant, maintain, and water the garden. If there are enough people working on each garden each person might only have to work a few times during the season.

For more informationcontact Jan Burnes,781-275-8781 or visit theBedford Garden Club’s website at https://www.bedfordgardenclub.org/.

ShawsheenRoad & Page Road
Maintained by: Bette Salzer (coordinator), Phyllis Guardino, Katherine Rifkin

Old Billerica Road& Page Road
Maintained by: Barbara Kupfrian (coordinator), Toni Wood, Lisa DiSanzo, Dawn Warrington, Peggy Browne, Kathy Strauch, Sarah Freeman, Mary Kernan

Old Billerica Road &Burlington Road
Maintained by: Judy Storer (coordinator), Emily O’Hara, Sarah Freeman

Dunster Road& Page Road
Maintained by: Cheryl Miksenas

South Road& RailroadAvenue
Maintained by: Breena Daniell-Gordon (coordinator), Zoe Pierce, Jody Mahoney, Allen Gevorkian

Concord Road& Davis Road
Maintained by: Neighborhood volunteers Bob & Mary Ellen Dunstan, Robin Edmonds

Bedford Public Library
Maintained by: Jan Burnes (coordinator), Marion Connarton, Marion Tateosian, Sue Giurleo, Barbara O’Neil, Barbara Feeherer, Nancy Bilafer, Kaye Spofford, Jane Button

Springs Road& Hillside Avenue
Maintained by: Susan Wingfield (coordinator), Asha Kelnhofer, Mary Brady, Claire Austin, Maureen Levine, Priscilla Grunes, Gaye Carpenter

Job Lane House
Maintained by: Jo Champney (coordinator) Claire Higson, Bridget Clayton, Priscilla Grunes, Jeannette Pothier, Katherine Rifkin. Jo Champney has been a Garden Club member for more than 50 years.

North Road & Chelmsford Road
Maintained by: Sally Sutherland (coordinator), Joan Marie-Freni, Barbara Aldorisio, Pam Green

Old Town Hall
Maintained by: Jan Burnes (coordinator) , Marion Connarton , MarionTateosian, Barbara O’Neil, Kaye Spofford, Barbara Feeherer

Burlington Road & Hume Road
Maintained by: Neighborhood volunteers Judy Brunner and others

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Candy Banks
September 15, 2013 8:57 pm

Beautiful gardens, last year and this! Nice photos, too, Leslie!

Lynda Giannetta
September 24, 2012 6:26 am

Fantastic job, Bedford Garden Club! Your gardens have been an inspiration for me to share with my garden club, The Littleton Country Gardeners.

Lynda Giannetta (former Bedford resident)

Mary Johannessen
September 2, 2012 2:56 pm

Thank you to all of the Garden Club members who adopt an island, planting and maintaining the gardens for the season! Leslie- beautiful job documenting the variety of plantings.

September 2, 2012 12:19 pm

Beautiful flowers in public places is another thing that makes Bedford such a good place to live. Kudos to the Bedford Garden Club.

Doris Smith

Esther Braun
September 2, 2012 7:55 am

Nice job, Leslie and all you dedicated Garden Club volunteers! Congratulations to everyone.

Esther Braun

Brian Hart
August 29, 2012 9:36 pm

Alma and I were just commenting yesterday about how gorgeous the arrangements were at 62 and Page. Garden Clubs is going a great job. It is very much appreciated. Thanks

August 29, 2012 10:58 am

never realized there are so many beautiful flowers there are in the world. and the talent people has to arranging them so look so good.GREAT JOB GUY’S